Meet Kristie Simmons

Therapist, Nutritionist, and Certified Life Coach

Through Kristie’s coaching technique and vibrant positive philosophies, her clients are experiencing greater levels of self-awareness, deeper more meaningful relationships, improved health, emotional fitness, the release of past emotional wounds, tools for achieving financial independence and an overall sense of fulfillment.

Kristie’s motto is “BE FEARLESS!”  As a client you will experience her infectious spirit, enthusiasm and warm demeanor. She will coach you to live your life fearless, with love, and passion.

Kristie currently resides in the Salt Lake Valley and has a private practice in Pleasant Grove, Utah. She spent several years acting and modeling for magazines, television, stage and video and brings her experience to the stage once again teaching workshops and seminars.  She is currently writing her first book and fully intends to travel the world sharing the lessons and insights she has gained.  To this day, Kristie has gratefully and miraculously remained healthy and cancer free.

I have been exceptionally blessed to have experienced what I have; to have gained the knowledge, tools, understanding and awareness of the infinite intelligence that we are.

Being diagnosed with Cancer gave me that opportunity. Not that I intend to have it again however, I am so grateful for the lessons it taught me.

Modes of Therapy

I am certified as therapist in traditional and non-traditional methods of therapy that have each shown efficacy in their own ways. Currently I am offering the following therapy services:

  • Marriage and Family therapy
  • Psychedelic Therapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

Kristie's Story

Kristie’s personal philosophy was forged from conquering breast cancer.  In 2006 Kristie was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. The previous year she underwent a full ACL Reconstruction as a result from injury during a black belt test. It was a painful and difficult recovery as doctors discovered she was allergic to several pain medications. Understanding her allergy to narcotics, the cancer diagnosis and suggested treatment plan appeared to be an enormous obstacle to overcome. Against the perceived odds, Kristie chose a less evasive path – one that required complete surrender.

The following weeks were filled with studying topics from cancer and treatment options to energy medicine, nutrition, neuroscience, neuro-cardiology (heart math) and spirituality.

After 2½ weeks of day in and day out researching and studying, Kristie made the decision to heal her body with natural means instead of chemotherapy, radiation and drug therapy. She spent 8 months religiously dedicated to meditating, visualizing, releasing past emotional wounds, exercising, filling her body with organic high nutrient foods, and cutting all processed foods and sugar in any form out of her diet. It became a 24 hour a day dedication to her healing. During that time period she gained a depth and understanding that surpassed anything she had known.

At the end of the 8 months, being in the best health she could recall, Kristie felt with the advice of her doctors it was time to remove the golf-ball size tumor and affected lymph nodes. To everyone’s surprise and delight, the pathology report indicated the tumor was dissolving. It was almost entirely void of live cancer cells and only a trace of cancer remained in 1 lymph node. A bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction left a new challenge- accepting and appreciating the new body she had. The light and understanding that came from the next stage of her recovery was pivotal in guiding her to where she is now.

It became clear to me that my healing wasn’t just physical. My thoughts and mind set had a lot to do with what I was experiencing physically, emotionally and spiritually. My emotional state had a great deal to do with the decisions I made. Food and the effect it had on the mind and body were eye opening.

And the understanding- clear, vivid understanding that I was so much more than this physical body, is the single most profound lesson I learned.” 

Cancer inspired her to return to school. She has degrees and certifications as a Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Child and Family Psychology, Certified Life Coach, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Reiki Master Practitioner, Emotional Release Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has trained with some of the most recognized coaches and therapists in the world; Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanas, Mark and Magalia Peysha, Richard Bandler, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joseph Dispenza and Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Kristie’s knowledge, training and life experience has solidified her burning desire to share this light and knowledge with the world. This desire has awarded Kristie the opportunity to do speaking engagements, workshops and seminars. She has a private practice in which she provides counseling and coaching sessions for children, couples, families and groups.

In coaching, the client is responsible for their own individual results.  I don’t make the decisions, instead I am there to guide them. Coaching is soulful work that is deeply inspiring and activating for my clients. They find their sense of purpose, their dreams, and discover their own vision for life.  I assist the client in identifying limiting beliefs, thoughts and behavior patterns. We process through negative events from the past and re-frame a new thought or belief that strengthens them to take positive action toward their goals and desires. Clients find letting go of past limiting habitual thoughts and beliefs empowers them to make permanent, life changes. Coaching drastically improves the way you live your life because you understand what drives your decisions. What people experience is a greater level of self-awareness, more balance in life, emotional fitness, improved health, deeper more meaningful relationships, and techniques for creating financial independence.”

Let's Talk

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