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Welcome to Accelerated Results Therapy

Through Kristie’s strategies and vibrant positive philosophies, her clients feel safe, understood and empowered.  Her skills and techniques gift the individual with the tools to manage stress, anxiety and depression; overcome trauma and release past emotional wounds; eliminating toxic thoughts and beliefs while reprogramming the habitual mind; emotional fitness; improved overall health; develop deeper, passionate and more meaningful relationships; and gain greater levels of self-awareness and self-love.  Kristie teaches how to use your unique gifts and talents to attain the life you desire to achieve sustainable joy and fulfillment.

Take Control Of Your Life
Strengthen Relationships and Health
Gain Clarity, Inspiration and Purpose
Body, Mind, and Soul
Feel Safe, Understood and Empowered
Manage Stress, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD
Reprogram the Habitual Mind
Emotional Fitness, Overall Health
Deeper More Meaningful Connections
Create Boundaries that Build Trust
Nutrition, Weight Loss, Life Goals
Science-tested, Proven and Tried Skills
Gain a Sense of Fulfillment
Own Life’s Experiences

Modes of Therapy

I am certified as therapist in traditional and non-traditional methods of therapy that have each shown efficacy in their own ways. Currently I am offering the following therapy services:

  • Marriage and Family therapy
  • Psychedelic Therapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

Therapy Sessions for


Deeper more meaningful connections with family members, respect and understanding, problem solving skills, effective communication and healthy boundaries that provide safety and trust.


Understand personal and partners needs and how they are being met. Learn to empathize, understand and respect one’s partner.  Create boundaries that build trust and closeness. Build trusting, bonding and sustainable relationships.


Address issues such as anxiety, anger, stress, depression, trauma, nutrition, weight loss, life direction and goals. Learn skills to control and understand emotional patterns; identify beliefs, thoughts and rule sets that are limiting.

Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic therapy is a novel and evolving approach that uses hallucinogenic substances, such as psilocybin, MDMA, or cannabis, in conjunction with psychotherapy to address various mental health issues and promote personal growth. 

What clients are saying

Thank you so much Kristie

Thank you so much Kristie, for all the wonderful support you have shown for me.  This has been the best year of my life so far!

- Lena Lovell, Sweden

I felt safe, comfortable and loved  talking about issues in my marriage.

A friend recommended that I give Kristie a call. I felt hopeless and stuck in my struggling marriage. I saw no changes with the marriage counselors we were seeing. I reached out to Kristie knowing that I would have to tell my story again. Kristie has a very positive attitude and outlook on life. Her ability to connect with me, made opening up to her easy. I felt safe, comfortable and loved  talking about issues in my marriage. The conversations we had, provided focus on the areas of myself to help my marriage. Kristie’s challenging questions to my feelings allowed me to feel validated and normal. Kristie is great at giving positive loving reinforcement. 

My outlook on life  and my marriage has changed. I began to gain the confidence I had lost. I began to allow myself to feel my emotions, to be vulnerable to my husband. I have learned many skills with Kristie. I have learned to have a  positive perspective on whatever challenge  is thrown at my myself and my marriage.

Kristie has taught me to “Trust the Process” of this journey I am on. The experience I have had with Kristie has been life-changing in all areas of my life. I would recommend Kristie to anyone who is struggling in their life.  I love her dearly. I am grateful for her genuine love for me and teaching me so many skills.

-Tina T. E.M. UT

Finding Kristie was a turning point in my life. 

Finding Kristie was a turning point in my life.  My fiancé and I were on the verge of breaking up due to stress from work, pressure from both our families to marry and have kids, and a host of other problems I won’t get into that took their toll.  Kristie helped us turn it around immensely, and now I am looking forward to a wedding in March 

-Marcin J. Tomas, Kentucky

…we connected immediately!

Working with Kristie has been a fantastic choice!  I interviewed her before I hired her to make sure we were a good fit.  Kristie has such a bright and bubbly personality, we connected immediately!  She has assisted me in both my spiritual and emotional growth and she has put me on a path that has brought me immeasurable peace. We have just started working on my physical and financial goals and I look forward to wherever this journey takes us!

-Melissa M. Provo, UT

keen perspective and vibrant, useful application methods

Kristie has keen perspective and vibrant, useful application methods that are relevant today. I have had personal experience with this gifted wonder. You owe it to yourself.   

I will always be grateful to Kristie

My family, especially my parents, do not believe in any sort of therapy.  To them, it is an unhelpful profession, and their stance did not change when my husband passed away.  Dealing with grief was not easy, but Kristie has made it as easy as can be.  And while I still miss my husband, I will always be grateful to Kristie for helping me through this difficult phase in my life. 

-Helena Paul, Tennessee

Kristie was a godsend and helped bring love and respect back to our family. 

My family and my marriage were on the highway to hell.  Kristie was a godsend and helped bring love and respect back to our family.  Without her guidance and teaching us skills to repair our broken patterns, I don’t believe we would have the close knit family we now have.  It seriously was that bad and I had no hope.  My family is now one that others look up to for family goals.  What irony! Like Kristie would often remind us, she is not doing the work, we were.  She taught us what we needed to know to take us from barely surviving to magnificently thriving. WE all love her and are so grateful we found her.  

-Ben A. and family, Canada

far greater breakthroughs in only three sessions than… 400+ sessions with professional therapists

I am absolutely thrilled to endorse Kristie Secrist as The One you want to hire to help you break free of all that holds you back, embrace The Truth that anything, and everything, is possible, and innately know 

The Path which is uniquely yours to become all that you desire to be. In first working with Kristie, some of her techniques struck me as a little strange, but after experiencing far greater breakthroughs in only three sessions than what I had experienced after 400+ sessions with professional therapists I concluded to myself, “strange techniques or not, this stuff works. I am all in!” I highly recommend her.

- Christi Y. Utah

There is a constant heartwarming feeling when she is teaches

I have been privileged to attend many of Kristie Secrist’s seminars. Kristie has a vast understanding of many principles, but beyond knowledge, she has a gift to resonate with each person, individually, even with our various levels of understanding.  There is a constant heartwarming feeling when she is teaches, confirming for me, the truthfulness of the principles that are being taught. There are never feelings of judgement from Kristie, instead, allowing each of us to understand that our pasts are always something to be grateful for. The environment she creates invites feelings of safety, love, nurturing and growing. I will continue to do my best to be there when I know Kristie is speaking.

- Darcie A Morgan, UT

She goes way beyond what a typical life coach does.

I’ve been to several of Kristie’s seminars and lectures and I love the energy she gives off. She gives a very dynamic presentation and keeps it interesting. She goes way beyond what a typical life coach does. I watch how people just gravitate to her and always treats you as if she’s known you forever.

- CL N.Y.

She is incredibly motivating!

Kristie is very knowledgeable with her craft and has a great way of teaching it. Her insight and follow up is amazing. She teaches proven concepts that have been a great help to me personally and to my professional career. She is incredibly motivating! Her insight and understanding have been invaluable in helping me reach my goals. I hired Kristie to be my coach. Now I count her as a trusted Friend.   

-Mark Martin, CFO Central Valley Dental Car

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